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Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. operates an online marketplace under the name and style “Barfly Delivery Services” whereby Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. (i) enters into contractual arrangement with third-party retail stores (“Store(s)”) selling various liquor and alcoholic beverages (“Alcohol Product(s)”) on a principal-to-principal basis for the purpose of listing their Alcohol Products for online ordering by the Customers on the Barfly Platform (ii) allows Customers to place online orders of the Alcohol Products through the Barfly Platform.

The Barfly Delivery Services are presently only available to residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane regions of Maharashtra, where such services are permitted by the authorities.
Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. disclaims all warranties and liabilities associated with the Alcohol Product(s) offered by the Store(s) under Barfly Delivery Services.
Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd disclaims all liability associated with any harm or injury caused to you upon consumption of the Alcohol Products purchased from the Store(s) through the Barfly Platform.

You shall comply with the applicable law while placing an order for the Alcohol Product(s).

By placing an order for the Alcohol Product(s) under the Barfly Delivery Services, you agree to have attained the minimum legal drinking (“Legal Drinking Age”) and have obtained applicable permits/license/authorization to purchase and consume the Product(s), in accordance with applicable state and central laws.

In order to avail the Barfly Delivery Services, you are required to provide a copy of your government Photo ID containing your photograph and date of birth (“Photo ID”) at the time of placement of your Order(s) for the Product(s) on the Barfly Platform and show such Photo ID to the delivery partner, assigned by Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. (“Delivery Partner”), for verification, to be able to take delivery of the Order. Should you fail to provide the Photo ID or if, in the opinion of the Delivery Partner, the Photo ID either does not belong to you or appears to be fake, the Delivery Partner reserves the right to cancel your order and you would not be entitled to receive any refund any amount paid by you towards such cancelled Order, including the Delivery Charges and the payment gateway charges.

You hereby agree, acknowledge and permit Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. to save the Photo ID provided by you and the details thereof for the purpose of enabling you to place subsequent order(s) of Alcohol Products through the Barfly Platform. You further agree and acknowledge to permit Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. to share your Identification Information, including any other details provided by you which are necessary, with the Store, for the purpose of fulfilling your order. All information provided by you to Barfly, including the Photo ID, shall be governed by the privacy policy of Barfly read along with these Terms.

It is your responsibility to determine the accuracy, quality, condition or packaging of your Alcohol Product(s) before accepting its delivery. In the event of any discrepancy in your order, do not accept its delivery and report such discrepancy to Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. via the chat support available on the Barfly Platform. Once the delivery of an order has been accepted by you, Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. shall not be liable for any issue with regard to the order, including without limitation, any missing product, tampered order or incorrect delivery of any Alcohol Product.

The quantity of Products ordered shall be in accordance with prescribed applicable law.

You shall ensure that the delivery location does not fall into the categories of places where delivery of the Products is prohibited under the applicable law.

You hereby agree to not place an order for Alcohol Products for any individual below the Legal Drinking Age. Services are available to only select geographies and are subject to restrictions under applicable law and the restrictions based on business hours and days of the Store(s).

While placing the order for the Alcohol Product(s), you would be liable to pay amounts towards the price of the Products as listed on the Barfly Platform including any delivery charges, payment gateway charges and any other charges as may be determined by Barfly Delivery Pvt Ltd. in its sole discretion.

All Alcohol Products listed on the Platform will be sold at the listing price, unless otherwise specified. The prices listed on the Barfly Platform are as received from the Store(s).

If required under applicable law, you shall not place an order for Alcohol Product unless you are:
a. of sound mind;
b. not railway servant or railway driver or the driver of motor vehicle on duty;
c. not an Excise or Police Officer below the rank of a Sub-Inspector or a Grama Rakhi or Home Guard in uniform or vagrant under Police escort.

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